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'los saguaros are being destroyed.'  South Broadway Press.  Food For Thought.  South Broadway Ghost Society partnered with Denver Food Rescue to produce this pretty pink poetry anthology.  (my poem wasn't formatted correctly... so the correct one is posted here, but no matter because) All proceeds go to Denver Food Rescue.  Print. July 2020.  Video. Quien sabe? 

'my boob popped out in the pool today.' Pretty Owl Poetry. Summer 2020, Issue 26. P. 32. Web. July 2, 2020.

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'Years that ask questions.'  Writers Resist.   'Writings inspired by Black Lives Matter' issue.  Web.  June 11, 2020.   (The title is a nod to Zora Neale Hurston.) Honorable Mention, 49th New Millenium Writing Awards https://newmillenniumwritings.org/writing-awards-49/

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