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                                                     'Blue as the Lagoon' and two paintings.  Thimble Magazine.  Web.  March 2019.

'Jingle Bell Rock.'  The Wild World.  Web.  January 2019.

       'Confession,' from the collection, Cumbia Therapy. The New Mexico Review. Web. December 15, 2018.

                       'Charley, Chacha and The Curse,' from the collection, Cumbia Therapy. The Acentos  Review. Web. August 2018.

                     'No more sex if you throw me to the ghosts.' Beautiful LosersMagazine, Year One, Issue Two. Web. August 2, 2017.

                     'Reds I.' Damaged Goods Press: TQ Review: A Journal of Trans and Queer Voices. July 2017. 

                     'Reds II,' companion piece to 'Reds I.' Damaged Goods Press: TQReview: A Journal of Trans and Queer Voices. July 2017. Print.

                    'Oryza sativa.' The Shanghai Literary Review. Shanghai, China, June 2017. Print.  |  Web. October 2, 2017.

                     'Pantone  213U.' The Chaffey Review, Vol. XV, May 2017. Print.

                    'To Dao.' Chicago Literati, The Dystopia Issue. Web. March 13, 2017. Longlisted for the Irish Fish Publishing Flash Fiction Contest, 2016.

                   triptych,  (haiku (pyramid))World Haiku Review, Vanguard Haiku. Web.January 2017.

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